Sunday, April 22, 2012

Netsach: The Occult Intelligence

Thus we land on the seventh Sephirah. The completion of the upper and middle triads begins the full projection of the divine intelligence onto the forms of matter. How fortuitous then to fall on an update bringing news of our own projections onto matter of the creative will. Victory, eternity, triumph. Upon the wings of Nicé comes the bounty of a creative harvest begun over a cycle ago of this orb's keplerian trajectory. And so presented, in inertial totality, the Sonic Meditations press of Sungod's "Laurentide & Cordilleran + Others"!

Several portals of acquisition:
Directly at shows (more on that below)

Full information concerning the music and production resides here.
As well, Norman Records's staff review:

"We’ve got this Sungod tape in from Justin Wright’s Sonic Meditations label this week. In it Braden Balentine and Mike Sharp multi-instrumentalise their way around a variety of tones from electric guitar and synthesiser through to bells, bowed symbols, prayer bowl and the like, drawing out heady mystical drones with subtle underlying melodic and textural flourishes that mix the crunchy and physical with the smooth and cosmic for a bonged out space drone voyage with a marvelous thickness and clarity of tone quickly marking it out as a spacious and luxurious psychedelic treat. It’s concordant and melodic and the tunes are well paced to reveal themselves over prolonged and in-depth listening, and there’s so much going on texturally that I’m totally transfixed. Unsurprisingly it’s reminding me a little of Expo 70. Beatless, languid psychedelic drifting which is busy without seeming imposing, big-sounding but not in your face. Cosmic ambience it may be, but it’s more than background music. It’s music to listen to in close detail after you’ve got so high you’re starting to worry you might be stuck that way forever."


The great victory of the sky continues. Sungod has two appearances within the next 7 degrees travel along Earth's gravity-path. These will feature the maxima of magickal energy as Alex Hughes and Tyler Taylor respectively contribute sub-sonic groove fields and riffadelic acidity to the communal search for the sky-eye. If I may momentarily step outside of the mystical crap, these are KILLER shows.

Spacetime Coordinates: The Mohawk - Austin, TX. 730/1030 post meridiem
Biosurvival Cost: 12
Sungod (1230)
White Hilles (1115)
La Migra (1030)

Outside, earlier:
Sleepy Sun (900)
The Saint James Society (815)
Hidden Ritual (730)

Spacetime Coordinates: Club Dada - Dallas, TX. 800 post meridiem
Biosurvival Cost: 13
Lotus Plaza
Nervous Curtains


As the cow Goddess departs, the last of the fruits of harvest are as such: labor continues on the proper follow up to First Matter. We move further and further into the mixing stage with various small odds and ends still left to magnetically imprison. What's more, a structure has emerged giving the whole process the necessary goal towards which we approach ever faster, ever surer. As always, more news to come on that as appropriate.

Lastly, the Dusty Grass press of Sungod's "Cuts from the Ether" works towards completion and will attain form (with hope) within the transition from Taurus to Gemini. Be well brothers and sisters.


Fill not a vessel, lest it spill in carrying. Meddle not with a sharpened point by feeling it constantly, or it will soon become blunted.
Gold and jade endanger the house of their possessor. Wealth and honours lead to arrogance and envy, and bring ruin. Is thy way famous and thy name becoming distinguished? Withdraw, they work once done, into obscurity; this is the way of Heaven.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mike Sharp, Apart

I meant to post this last week, so this doesn't give much notice but I hope that those who can go, will.

Mike, parallel to our communal path in Sungod, has worked diligently to develop his own voice in the fields of American primitive and traditional blues guitar. This, together with an increasing interest in percussive and groove-based musics (funk and jazz of note) and my own explorations into electronic and drone based sound fields, allows for ever-exciting developments in Sungod's creative trajectory. But beyond this, following his development as a stand-alone musician continues to reward deep interest. I sense genuine historical appreciation in the playing, but without weighty formalisms. Instead, pure inspiration and an intuitive connection to the instrument reign, diversified by a modern taste for the broad range of developments in avant-garde music. Simply put, fans of Fahey, Rose, Jones, Pelt, and a host of obscure blues players only Sharp could name would do well to keep an ear to the ground concerning Mike's development beyond the Sungod mothership. Tomorrow marks the first opportunity to do just that.