Saturday, September 22, 2012

Star Souls & Deuterium Waves

Over the previous two lunar cycles, radical shifts in the cosmic continuum have left black holes in the physical form of the Sungod energy-ship. In other words, two former participants in the magick ritual have receded into dimensions unknown. As all systems in dynamic equilibrium must, the Sungod orchestra has adapted to the randomness of the universal flow, and shall present a new mode of incantation in the coming days.

Spacetime Coordinates:
[29th Street Ballroom2012-09-28 (9:00 post meridiem)]

Braden Balentine - Synths, Sequencing, Electric Guitar
Nick Lombard - Drums, Synths
Kristine Reaume - Flute
Mike Sharp - Electric Guitar, Drums

This event marks the first public collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Nick Lombard and the second with Kristine Reaume and her celestial aerophone. In keeping with our typical oscillatory frequency, the musical presentation will feature a novel and unheard duo of perhaps our most astral excursions yet: One, a sparkling, melodic, echo-guitar and flute lead ambient drone-scape climaxing in pounding distorted fury. The other, a sequence driven paean to Messrs Göttsching and Schulze, layering propulsive rhythms, harmonizing flute/guitar leads, and soaring analog strings.

However, Sungod shall not invoke mother sky alone! Witness also the towering, oppressive electro-pounds of Pinkish Black, the synth-driven and prog-inflected post-punk of Nervous Curtains, the pastoral and atmospheric ukele-folk of Emily Scott, and the multi-faceted, introspective singer-songwriter stylings of B.E Godfrey. An adventurous night of ultraviolet vibrations, shimmering air, and the far reaches of mind-musick.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Magnetic Moments

We received a transmission from sunship Ethereal Mother that confirms genesis of the Crash Galactic energy discs. Sungod's electrosonic declaration of universal illumination will enter attainable zones of space and time within 20 passages of the Sun across the sky. Full details to follow closer to that event.

To celebrate the eminence of attainment, we first present Justin Grove's valiant, grandiose, and hauntingly expressive visual abstraction of the soundfields currently being written into optical rainbows:

Following this, we offer another vibration ritual for early consumption. "There's Hell in that Girl", beginning with a door emphatically closing and a sense of shutting out the here and now, initiates the second movement of the Crash Galactic flow. An improvised blues guitar stomp, anchored by a sea of bells, and starlight shimmers of piano counter-melody, gives a sense of endless windswept meadows under a deep blue sky; of the bored stares of cattle grazing along a lazy summer stream; of the narcotic escape of shade from the dominance of a swollen mid-afternoon sun. Drift on the flows of arcadian bliss.

Mike Sharp: Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Whiskey
Braden Balentine: Sleigh Bells, Noah Bells, Door

Pre-order's for Crash Galactic remain available through the Ethereal Mother Bandcamp for 8 bio-survival tickets.

More information coming soon regarding a new release on Holodeck Records and a show on 2012-09-28 with Pinkish Black and Nervous Curtains.