Saturday, February 18, 2012

Constellation of Ions & Other Information

Fade in billowing clouds of guitar ambiance and swirls of electronic phasing. Burst through with Art Blakey soaked in codeine jamming with some metaphysical amalgamate of Czukay and Waters. Groove bombs dropping, rapturous synthesizer echowave fallout. Fade away bell meditation and alien jungle.

Mike Sharp: Drums, Synth
Alex Hughes: Bass, Bells
Tyler Taylor: Guitar
Braden Balentine: Synth


As of this week, Sungod's "Cuts from the Ether" readies for production. All tracks now mastered and in transit to the label. If the workings of the universe permit it, we would like to have this available by SXSW...pure optimism. Preliminary information including tracklist and lineup:

Sungod's Bandcamp:

Dusty Grass Imprint:

A detailed write up concerning the release and KVRX session will come as the tapes arrive to hand.

The Sonic Meditations repress of Sungod's "Laurentide & Cordilleran + Others" could potentially arrive by the end of this month. Soon anyway. A previous post stores all the relevant information concerning the release but we will keep in touch here regarding availability. 

Concluding, some short videos from two Sungod live performances. The first contains some cosmic drone from our recent set at the Carousel Lounge. The second captures a moment from our very first appearance and features some magnificent (and close up) cymbal work by Mike Sharp. Both shot by Brian Boeckman. Be well.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Psychotropic Elephas

In the absence of any significant news, I would like to share some excellent photographs from Sungod's recent evening of psychodrone at the Carousel Lounge. All photographs courtesy of Brian Boeckman.