Monday, July 30, 2012

Heat Visions

In the coming days, the tetra-variant form of Sungod shall create worlds within air, exploding color waves onto the feverish Austin night. Heavily oriented toward the somatic timbres of four and six string electro-generators and pounding hypno-drums, the set aims to present three distinct pieces of soulful and rockin' psychedelia.

Spacetime Coordinates:
[Red 7 Outside Stage2012-08-04 (9:00 post mere diem)]

Tyler Taylor - Electric Guitar
Mike Sharp - Drums
Alex Hughes - Electric Bass Guitar
Braden Balentine - Electric Guitar, SCI Six-Trak

Monday, July 23, 2012

Into Hessian Spheres: Release and Pre-order Information for Sungod's Crash Galactic

Among the drug-addled and philosophic fog of previous transmissions, we have hinted at a certain gargantuan offering in progress, a far-reaching voyage into the many realms of Great Cosmic Music. For a time, we see a conclusion to our Great Work:

Edited together from a years worth of compositions and improvisations, Sungod's Crash Galactic presents a 70 minute, near continuous study in sequenced kraut forms, avant-garde sound design, transcendent blues, tenebrous ambiance, riffadelic drug rock, and supernal jazz. 

The Rite in Twelve Parts:
1. Constellation of Ions
2. Breechclout
3. Bounded Hessians
4. There's Hell in that Girl
5. Haze Stations
6. Days of Amnesia
7. Indra's Net and Bell's Theorem
8. Shimmering Light (Pure Religion)
9. Crash Galactic
10. The Infinite Regress
11. Reggie's Best Phosphate
12. Ion Ecstacy

Braden Balentine: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Moog Opus 3, SCI Six Trak, Piano, Noah Bells, Sleigh Bells, Harmonium, Singing Bowl, Echo, WahWah, Fuzz
Mike Sharp: Drums, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, SCI Six Trak, Moog Opus 3, Human Voice, Echo, Fuzz, Shakers, Singing Bowl

An amaray DVD case will house a stereo audio disc with an expressionistic and highly engaging full cover spread by resonant starchild Justin Grove. 

100 copies are set to be pressed by fellow astral traveler Ethereal Mother Tapes. Expect release before the vernal equinox. 

Pre-orders are available through the EM Tapes Bandcamp for 8 bio-survival tickets.

"Bounded Hessians" culminates the first movement of Crash Galactic's hallucinatory unfolding. One can expect a concise, kaleidoscopic trip exploring Germanic sequencing through the lens of 1960's psychedelia, mashing together robotic synth pulses, strummed acoustic, motorik percussion, electric slide, and kosmische arpeggiators.

Head over to the Ethereal Mother Tapes Bandcamp for an additional album preview in the form of "Haze Stations". Percolating galaxial electronics generate a cloud of ambiance over which warm and round guitar chords and twinkling piano dance in cinematic interplay. Skittery, cymbal laden percussion boils under the surface, progressively growing more intense as the celestial metal work evolves into animalistic, yet restrained free jazz intensity.