Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Binah: The Sanctifying Intelligence

At first glance, it seems a waste to use one of the most divine emanations on an update with no real substance. We continue to face technological obstacles in the form of an 8-track that more resembles a large furnace fueled only by bio-survival tickets. Fortunately, it appears as if it will return to us in a months time. The intervening period has not been idle. The recent Laurentide & Cordilleran release belongs to a larger body of work representing a period of intense creativity and focus in Sungod's musical development. Once again tethered to the often frustrating and subtly cruel cassette 4-track, we've honed and progressed our sound into ever widening and divergent sonic avenues. But the threads are never severed and a potent cosmic melancholy pervades and unites the vibrations. The sound, being both continuous and unbounded, can smoothly approach infinity, never reaching, but always carrying forward. As Binah recieves and gives form to Chokmah, that energizing element of existence, that reality underlying all things whatsoever, so we have received and given shape to the intuitive and purely creative force of the subconscious.

Returning to Earth, this translates to a wealth of new material that we'll put to tape over the course of 2011. Without going into too many details, we have been approached to release something on a label both of us respect and enjoy, so we've been compiling and demoing a batch of compositions and improvisations. We also plan to commence production on a follow up LP to First Matter, which we hope to record during the summer and fall. As before, it will be self recorded. The plan is for a massive 2xLP (if some one is interested in pressing it, of course!)

Heaven and earth proceed without motive, but casually in their order of nature, dealing with all things carelessly, like used talismans. So also the sages deal with their people, not exercising benevolence, but allowing the nature of all to move without friction.
The space between heaven and earth is their breathing apparatus. Exhalation is not exhaustion, but the complement of inhalation, and this equally of that. Speech exhausteth; guard thyself therefore, maintaining the perfect freedom of thy nature.