Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hod: The Absolute Intelligence

As great winds of energy in forms both known and unknowable blow across the seas of existence, as all things whatsoever dance in rapturous cacophony to the blind metronome of an illogical metaphysical mechanics, the will of the cosmos is executed: extension, multiplication, and force. This creative drive inherent in the blind procession of the ages, this sparkling aether of multiplicity, variety, and change emerges from the bosom of Hod, the Hermitic Splendour. Hod is the realm of the solar primates, the ape like entities seemingly primitive, yet possessing souls in constant communion with Godhead, Manasaputras, the Mind-born Sons of Brahma. And thus the humans, material reflections of these solar-beings, possess energy centers in dynamic conversation with the intuitive weave of consciousness that is not conscious. Mere surrender to the connection, the recognition of the void within all, yields ways to the very heart of creative generation.

Ever seeking the paths toward expanded awareness, and un-fearingly trusting in the health and sustainability of the divine connection within the human-vessel, the distinct energy fields comprising Sungod enacted a ceremony of vibrations in an attempt to open a gate to Hod for all who would participate. The space-time coordinates of this event were [KVRX Austin, 20110821] and the energy fields materialized as Braden Balentine, Mike Sharp, Tyler Taylor, and Alex Hughes. Boarding the archaic conveyance vehicles from this period of Earth's time-travel and armed with various means of pressure wave genesis, the Four traveled to a dwelling possessing the necessary connections to the satellite-field comprising unseen orbitals...the communication net of the Earthship. 3.27 meter wavelength E/M waves were the employed form of sonic distribution and the guardians of the satellite uplink captured a binaural rendering of the ceremony via conversion of the source waves to discrete impulse signals. Ingesting the Anhalonium Lewinii, the Four guided along vibrant color rings, employing forms of space, drone, and jazz to ebb and flow towards an infinite spiral of light and sound. The actual unfolding of the vibration ritual achieved an unexpected potency, requiring the eventual mass duplication of this musical incantation for preservation and dispersal.

Thus, in cooperation with Dusty Grass Imprint, we present Sungod's Cuts from the Ether:

A1 - "Gas is Better than Gas"
A militant technoid sequence anchors a contained explosion of post-krautrock forms. Interweaving threads of metronomic acid guitar glide over teutonic percussive destruction and sparse, yet vivacious low end patterns lock in and out of the rhythm-storm. Rising and falling in tumultuous cycles, yet steadily decaying from a bombastic glory to a muted stretch of chilled ambience, it is a study in the motion of stasis, ever guided by dynamic cymbal strikes and alien synth squelches.

Braden Balentine: Electric Guitar, Wah Wah, Tonebender, Echo
Alex Hughes: Bass Guitar
Mike Sharp: Drums, Synthesizer
Tyler Taylor: Electric Guitar, Echo

A2 - "Plasma Frequencies"
Pulsing oscillations from the heart of the Earth climb and thicken over soft textures of nebulous synth. The harmonium maintains a universal hum as bells and subtle guitar swells magnify the textural diversity. Slow, hypnotic synths emerge just as the track fades into a false discontinuity.

Braden Balentine: Harmonium
Alex Hughes: Noah Bells, Sleigh Bells
Mike Sharp: Synthesizer, Cymbals
Tyler Taylor: Electric Guitar, Echo

B1 - "Constellation of Ions"
Emerging from the vacuous rift of a sudden fade in, the hypno-synth climbs in intensity as guitar swells mutate and contort into a black web of celestial drone. Crashing and narcotic bop-percussion leads the journey to a moment of sudden climax, as omnipresent waves of electro-haze and thundering funk pulses announce a sphere of reality wholly shimmering in a moody, blue glow. All thoughts, all emotions, are drawn to this sphere, and the cosmic-jazz dances and cascades into and around the surface, working into a dense fog of transcendental galactic sound.

Braden Balentine: Synthesizer
Alex Hughes: Bass Guitar, Noah Bells, Sleigh Bells
Mike Sharp: Drums, Synthesizer
Tyler Taylor: Electric Guitar, Echo

B2 - "Kraut Schulze"
A monumental charge of domination, drums pounding all thought into silence, leading a charge into fearful dimensions of power. Regal chords seemingly work towards some prog majesty, yet the forms flow instead into an electro-surf voyage. Rippling echowave guitar sequences and lysergic synth lines soar over streamlined interlockings of low end rhythm, rising intensely and suddenly to a howling distorto-rock fury. Riff upon riff tearing through a muscular propulsive attack as noise clouds rain down in unstoppable multitudes. As quick as it began, all falls into an agitated motorik Tempel-groove, eventually tearing its way into a driving climax. But the heart of the dark must be faced, and so the bowels of every hell open and absolute sonic destruction reigns.

Braden Balentine: Electric Guitar, Wah Wah, Tonebender, Echo
Alex Hughes: Bass Guitar
Mike Sharp: Drums
Tyler Taylor: Synthesizer

Portals of Acquisition:
Dusty Grass Imprint (cassette)
Sungod Bandcamp (digital streaming/download)
Sungod Live Performances (cassette)


To conclude, we have added all of Sungod's "Laurentide & Cordilleran + Others" to the Sungod Bandcamp. Available for streaming and free download to any and all who would like to hear this collection of shambling acoustic minimalism and extended kosmische exploration. As well, note the new appearance of the Sungod Bandcamp, portending in its own subtle way the next port of call for the Sungod starship.

When soul and body are in the bond of love, they can be kept together. By concentration on the breath it is brought to perfect elasticity, and one becomes as a babe.
By purifying oneself from samādhi, one becomes whole.
In his dealing with individuals and with society, let him move without lust of result. In the management of his breath, let him be like the mother-bird. Let his intelligence comprehend every quarter; but let his knowledge cease.
Here is the Mystery of Virtue. It createth all and nourisheth all; yet it doth not adhere to them; it operateth all, but knoweth not of it, nor proclaimeth it; it directeth all, but without conscious control.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Subtle Oscillations

As Taurus gives way to Gemini (according to the Sidereal Zodiac), so shall musical abstractions materialize into a physical presentation of acoustic wave generation. The coordinates [29th Street Ballroom, 2012-06-16] mark an event in space-time, a striving for the oneness by The Young, Spraypaint, and Sungod. Of particular note, this marks the release for The Young's DUB EGG on Matador Records.

Four individuals guiding the Sungod starship shall employ a continuos stream of disjoint psychedelic forms, moving through the gaseous vapors of gentle blues, the black hole terror of droning noise, and the salvation of supernovae eruptions of low frequency kosmische jazz. 

Braden - Synths & Electric Guitar
Mike Sharp - Drums & Acoustic Guitar
Alex - Bass Guitar, Drums, Bells, Shakers
Kristine - Flute & Wood Flute 


Dusty Grass Imprint has Sungod's CUTS FROM THE ETHER to hand. Visit the Dusty Grass blog to purchase a copy. We'll have them for sale at the show mentioned above along with the Laurentide & Cordilleran + Others tape and the few remaining copies of the First Matter LP. A shot from the shipment:

A very detailed presentation of the release will follow later this week once we have the tapes.

One more quick note. We have completed the mixing (and possibly mastering) of Sungod's next epic and have a label confirmed for a typically limited pressing. Much more information to come on this soon but it stands as our longest and most diverse outing so far, crashing in and out of a galactic mix of jazz, drone, avant-garde soundscapes, bubbly krautrock, free blues, and riffing space rock.