Sunday, June 10, 2012

Subtle Oscillations

As Taurus gives way to Gemini (according to the Sidereal Zodiac), so shall musical abstractions materialize into a physical presentation of acoustic wave generation. The coordinates [29th Street Ballroom, 2012-06-16] mark an event in space-time, a striving for the oneness by The Young, Spraypaint, and Sungod. Of particular note, this marks the release for The Young's DUB EGG on Matador Records.

Four individuals guiding the Sungod starship shall employ a continuos stream of disjoint psychedelic forms, moving through the gaseous vapors of gentle blues, the black hole terror of droning noise, and the salvation of supernovae eruptions of low frequency kosmische jazz. 

Braden - Synths & Electric Guitar
Mike Sharp - Drums & Acoustic Guitar
Alex - Bass Guitar, Drums, Bells, Shakers
Kristine - Flute & Wood Flute 


Dusty Grass Imprint has Sungod's CUTS FROM THE ETHER to hand. Visit the Dusty Grass blog to purchase a copy. We'll have them for sale at the show mentioned above along with the Laurentide & Cordilleran + Others tape and the few remaining copies of the First Matter LP. A shot from the shipment:

A very detailed presentation of the release will follow later this week once we have the tapes.

One more quick note. We have completed the mixing (and possibly mastering) of Sungod's next epic and have a label confirmed for a typically limited pressing. Much more information to come on this soon but it stands as our longest and most diverse outing so far, crashing in and out of a galactic mix of jazz, drone, avant-garde soundscapes, bubbly krautrock, free blues, and riffing space rock.

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