Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kether: Sungod presents "Laurentide & Cordilleran + Others"

I have been eagerly awaiting posting about Sungod's newest release entitled "Laurentide & Cordilleran + Others". This is a full length cassette featuring about 45 minutes of new music.

Each issue of this release has been hand crafted entirely by the band. The purple cassette comes wrapped in a hand-sewn cloth pouch inside a manilla envelope. A photograph glued to the front serves as the cover. A two sided, color card-stock and construction paper insert is included as is a photograph from the recording sessions of "Oh Baby, I Love you So". To complete the package, we have included an incense stick for proper atmosphere and a wax seal to close it up.

The first pressing of this cassette is earmarked for our two SXSW shows and is limited to about 25 copies. We will have 12 for sale at each show.

I want to give a brief description of the actual content of the release. This represents somewhat of a departure from the sounds contained on our First Matter LP. It still remains indebted to our space and krautrock forefathers, but with less rock and much more space.

A1 - "Honey it Ain't No Crime (To Run Off from Home)"
A poor man's raag for acoustic guitar, harmonium, and contrabass. Wheezing, drunken acoustic drones generate a deep pulse. A cloud of fingerpicked acoustic guitar emerges; sometimes gentle...other times frantic. The three wave sources interweave and dance around one another until the singular moment of samadhi as all become one in the everlasting light.

Braden Balentine: Harmonium
Mike Sharp: Acoustic Guitar
Alex Hughes: Contrabass

A2 - "Laurentide"
A luminous cosmic journey from start to finish. This beautiful slab of electro-drift locates the intersection of electric organ, analog synthesizer, and tremolo guitar and the alchemical marriage of these primal elements approximates the fabled Harmony of the Spheres. Soaring strings combine with lush synth trails as cavernous, pulsating guitar chords move the mind ever closer to total bliss.

Braden Balentine: Synthesizer, Organ
Mike Sharp: Electric Guitar

B1 - "Oh Baby, I Love you So"
The sound of a door slams as you enter the opium den. The faux-eastern sounds of a detuned and abused esraj lull you into an introspective haze. The clanging bells and arcing streaks of bowed metal disrupt the meditation and the mind is forced to wander amidst abstract fields of acoustic disharmony. Thuds, clangs, plucks, terror.

Braden Balentine: Bowed Cymbals, Bells, Tibetan Singing Bowl
Mike Sharp: Esraj
Alex Hughes: Contrabass

B2: - "Cordilleran"
A glacial wall of deep synth and organ ambiance surrounds this piece in a sinister glow. Moody echo guitar and synthesized starlight come and go as the sound seemingly approaches the infinite. As one resigns to float forever amidst this dark sonic river, a terrifying crash of detuning guitars and pounding drums distorts all perception; as if some very ancient energy has returned to initiate the destruction of space and time.

Braden Balentine: Synthesizer, Electric Guitar
Mike Sharp: Organ, Synthesizer, Drums

We will very likely do a second pressing of these in similar quantity after SXSW. We will also be posting this release on our bandcamp in the next week or so for streaming and download.

To reward merit is to stir up emulation; to prize rarities is to encourage robbery; to display desirable things is to excite the disorder of covetousness.
Therefore the sage governeth men by keeping their minds and theirs bodies at rest, contenting the one by emptiness, the other by fulness. He satisfieth their desires, thus fulfilling their wills, and making them frictionless; and he maketh them strong in body, to a similar end.
He delivereth them from the restlessness of knowledge and the cravings of discontent. As to those who have knowledge already, he teacheth them the way of non-action. This being assured, there is no disorder in the world.

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