Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ain Soph Aur: First Matter Artwork

There isn't anything on the net as far as I know that gives a description of the First Matter layout, which we are still rather proud of. Here are some photos. The cover painting was done by our good friend Justin Grove.

All men know that beauty and ugliness are correlatives, as are skill and clumsiness; one implies and suggests the other.
So also existence and non-existence post the one the other; so also is it with ease and difficulty, length and shortness; height and lowness. Also Musick exists through harmony of opposites; time and space depend upon contraposition.
By the use of this method the sage can fulfill his will without action, and utter his word without speech.
All thing arise without diffidence; they grow, and none interferes; they change according to their natural order, without lust of result. The work is accomplished; yet it continueth in its orbit, without goal. This work is done unconsciously; this is why energy is indefatigable.

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