Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mike Sharp, Apart

I meant to post this last week, so this doesn't give much notice but I hope that those who can go, will.

Mike, parallel to our communal path in Sungod, has worked diligently to develop his own voice in the fields of American primitive and traditional blues guitar. This, together with an increasing interest in percussive and groove-based musics (funk and jazz of note) and my own explorations into electronic and drone based sound fields, allows for ever-exciting developments in Sungod's creative trajectory. But beyond this, following his development as a stand-alone musician continues to reward deep interest. I sense genuine historical appreciation in the playing, but without weighty formalisms. Instead, pure inspiration and an intuitive connection to the instrument reign, diversified by a modern taste for the broad range of developments in avant-garde music. Simply put, fans of Fahey, Rose, Jones, Pelt, and a host of obscure blues players only Sharp could name would do well to keep an ear to the ground concerning Mike's development beyond the Sungod mothership. Tomorrow marks the first opportunity to do just that.

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