Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dim Lights, Thick Smoke

To celebrate the death throes of winter and the emergence of the vernal spirit, Austin-based psychonauts The Young have prepared a months worth of electrified bacchanalia. Over each weekend of February, a far-reaching collection of hazy souls work themselves into amplified fury in search for specific abstract truths. Sungod are among the second presentation of these celestial sound-fields.

Spacetime Coordinates:
[Hotel Vegas (Austin, TX) , 2013-02-08 (9:00 post meridiem)]

The Sungod Energy-Orchestra shall incarnate as a four piece, with the now familiar yet vital additions of Kristine Reaume and Nick Lombard. The ritual comprises two distinct movements: The first, as of this writing, is the newest Sungod composition and finds us returning to spaced out fuzz mantras over primitive psych-drum machinations; yet be prepared for a radical dive into the soul of fire music as we reach in earnest for the sounds of the pyramids. The second movement splits the way between drift-studies of an eternal sadness and demonic riff incantations of arcing lazer fire and metallic rhythm-shimmer. A classic soft-to-loud escalation into black hole waves of radiation splendour as spidery, melancholic guitar weaves and flute percolations build into a plodding doomscape of voluminous fog.

Braden Balentine - Electric Guitar, Percussion, Moog Opus 3, SCI Six-Trak
Nick Lombard - Electric Guitar, Djembe, Drums
Kristine Reaume - Moog Opus 3, SCI Six-Trak, Flute
Mike Sharp - Drums, Electric Guitar

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